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How to set up MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher on a Win XP computer

First enable SNMP:

Go to Control Panel

Add/Remove Programs

Add/Remove Windows Components

and make sure the Management and Monitoring tools is checked.

You will also need, if not already installed - Active Perl

mrtg-l.pngmrtg-m.pngmrtg-r.png 2.17.4

Tobias Oetiker <> & Dave Rand <>

Tobias Oetiker wrote MRTG with Dave Rand. Available here

Go to Downloads

Stable Release

and you want - download, unzip and install

Go back to website - go to documentation - you want mrtg-nt-guide and follow instructions to build a config file. You will need to add extra lines to the config file (mine is here).

You will need to add extra files to monitor various parameters. These need to be placed in your mrtg-2.17.4/bin folder. (perl scripts here)

The program b2status.exe will need to be added to the bin folder. This is the 60Kb file available from me if required.

Download all files here

Eventually you should be able to go to the command line wherever your mrtg.cfg file is and write

perl mrtg mrtg.cfg

files should start to build in folders established in the config file.

Copyright Alan Banks 2019