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This website is no longer being updated or maintained.

The satellite receiving system needed a major upgrade. I did not want to commit the finances to it. On the 18th June 2020 a major downpour dislodged the satellite dish and LNB. Reception terminated!

METEOSAT-9_th.jpg iodc-th.jpg FY2D-th.jpg
Meteosat 11 Meteosat 8 - Indian Ocean FY2H - Indian Ocean
FY2E-th.jpg Himawari GOES-WEST-th.jpg
Currently Unavailable
GOES West - not available
GOES-EAST-th.jpg uk-th.jpg europe_th.jpg
GOES East - Not available United Kingdom Europe
The World in IR

All images received via EUMETCast then processed with David Taylor's 'MSG Data Manager' & 'GeoSatSignal'.

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